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  • Rosy Public School is ISO 9001:2008 certified, English medium, CBSE affiliated school which was started in the year 2000 at Farrukhabad and was inaugurated by the chief minister of Delhi Mrs. Sheela Dixit on 9th April 2000.With a experience of more than a decked in the field of education. Rosy Public School is CBSE affiliated one of the most pioneer and prestige's education institute in the district Farrukhabad.

    The school is ISO 9001:2008 certified education institute for Imparting result oriented Quality education by implementing innovative methods of modern technology from primary to senior secondary with facilities like Educomp Smart Class for children's of tomorrow, computer lab powered with N-Computing The next step of computing with Wi-Fi internet and also the labs for Physic, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and social Science .

    Rosy Public School is having tie up with Oxford University Press London and University of New south Wales, Sydney Australia who has certified the school for imparting quality education for Mathematics Science and computers.

    The second unit of the school is established at Jalalabad in Distt Shahjahanpur to impart quality education based on CCE(Continues and Comprehensive Evaluation) according to CBSE syllabus with most effective method of teaching learning posses .

    The school is equipped with facilities of Smart class, computer lab, science lab and rich library with books and periodicals .

    The school is located at Bareilly Farrukhabad highway is one of the most modern and advance school of dist Shajhanpur it is ready to cater the students of all corners of Jalalabad and surroundings.

    The school is having a lush green campus sprawling over an area of 3 acres of land and is housed in a pucca building with spacious, well equipped, well furnished class rooms and well equipped labs and proper facilities of toilets and purified drinking water.

    The school has also gone with the tie-ups with Penguin India and Orient Blacswan for training the teachers and students.


  • Rosy Public School has been inspiration from the minds of the society . we dream forward to bring education to one and all .An education which it self will be a whole some treatment , full development of the child with our sincere efforts to polish the minds of the child without a burden . creative activities all round the year will make the child eager to know a lot more . we have the aim to make the child know about the culture , tradition , respects for elders and a strict disciplinarian.

    "Our Motto is Education for Eternity" This will continue …..

    Affiliation With CBSE New Delhi

    The institution is CBSE affiliated for Secondary and senior Secondary School and is Following the CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation)as laid down by the CBSE Board New Delhi . The school is First ever in the district to have affiliation in 22 Subjects from CBSE board in all three streams i.e. Science , Commerce , and Humanities at the Senior Secondary Level . The School Have been Awarded the ISO 9001 : 2008 Certificate for Imparting Quality education by implementing innovative methods and modern technologies.

    From The Desk of Managing Director

    Mr. K. Tiwari

    "Amongst the greatest of all great services that can be possibly rendered by a man to God, is the education of children.

    The foundation of Rosy Public School is laid with a view to Facilitate with education to the children of the society, the nation, and the world.

    The objective of the school is to provide education to each and every child rich or poor, bright or dull. The school aims at instilling into its global understanding, universal values, spiritual perception, wisdom, service to mankind, positive attitude.

    Leadership skills, competency, self discipline ,excellence in all things, hard working, strong will power, noble nature, patience, truth and honesty .My mission is to produce from this school great teacher like S. Radhakrisnan ,great preachers like lord Buddha, Mahavira, Ram Krishna Paramhamsa and Vivekanand, great leaders like Gandhi, Shashtri , Nehru, George Washington and Abraham Lincon, great thinkers and philosophers like Rousseau, Confucius, Tagore, Frobal and pestalogy and eminent scientists like Eeinstein, Newton and C.V.Raman, great Generals like Napoleon and Alexander the great.

    I Hope that the almighty will help us to realize our dream and achieve our goal.

    From the Director's Pen

    Sanjeev Mohan

    The field of education is unexplored and the goal of education unattained.

    Yet we, at Rosy Public School is earnestly committed to the noble pursuit of imparting knowledge and education to its pupils based on values, personality development and character building .

    Our mission is not only to teach our charges but to educate them ,not to make them learn but to be a learner themselves ,not to train them but to develop the capacity for self training .

    We also generate among students respect for institution ,family and society, the feeling, the feeling of social cohesion , respect for tradition , belief and practices of other and advancement towards a well- knit society based on values .

    From The Director

    Dr. R.C .Saxena
    Director (Academic)

    Today's new age learners have special intellectual, social and emotional needs. They need an open, enriched educational environment designed to develop superior thinking skills .student should have stimulating interaction with their intellectual peers and be encouraged to develop the skills and character traits of creative, productive, contributing members of the society.

    Rosy Public School provides a congenial, positive, enthusiastic school climate supports and nurtures school life. We take great pride in gifting year that year to the society, students well aware of personal responsibility and steeped in task commitment, self-discipline, independent learning and respectful conduct.


    The academic and administrative head of the institution is the Director-Principal, who is assisted by the Vice-Principal and In-charges of the respective Wings and the Administrative Officer. The teaching staff consists of a team of highly qualified, experienced and conscientious professionals. For any administrative queries click here.

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