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  • Mr. Akshay Srivastava

    M.Sc (B.Ed) MBA

    Esteemed Parents,

    The future of the world will lie in India's hands .the future of our country will lie in the hands of our children. The future of our children will lie in the hands of dedicated teachers. I congratulates the management for making such great strides in the field of education at Fatehgarh .At rosy Public School we seek to create enlightened individuals .There is a vast difference between enlightenment and education. Enlightenment is for the development of mind while education is for development of brain .At Rosy Public School, every child is encouraged to develop all aspects of growth, be it spiritual, mental or physical. Holistic values of all kinds are instilled in to every student. With the selfless efforts of the management and faculty, the children are allowed to explode with ideas and make these ideas a reality, thus developing holistic individuals.

    At RPS the child's mind is taken to a higher level of thinking .one may ask ,'What is this higher level ?' in a word so fully of inhumanity ,our children are taught the values of equality and selflessness .They learn to love and care for each other ,understanding that every life is a precious one . Through education, we engage students in various activities that are required to give them the experience that will transform them in to ignited individuals .The main objective of the school is to impart holistic education to children through various curricular, co- curricular and extra � curricular activities such as leadership training, seminars awareness programmes and cultural competitions. Having soaked in all good qualities these children, the future of tomorrow will surely produce a better world saving life and environment.

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